Shopping & Safety Guidelines

Brikmo is following national and local authorities, as well as health and safety experts, to actively monitor national health situations and ensure we operate safely and with minimal disruption to service. We provide recommended Health and Safety Guidelines and have shared them with the Brikmo Helper community to ensure they take the appropriate precautions to safely deliver your order.

To confirm safety and quality service protocols, please make sure you complete the following while shopping:

  • Follow CDC guidelines, especially by wearing facial coverings and gloves (when necessary)
  • Follow social distancing rules by staying at least 6-feet away from others
  • Sterilize, wash, and/or protect hands while shopping.
  • Pay attention to retailer instructions at every shopping location.
  • Make sure to shop alone, to allow focus on the Customer’s requested order
  • Important: Keep frozen or refrigerated items last on the pickup list so that the items remain at or close to their required temperatures.

    • When transporting cold or hot items, it is strongly recommended that insulated bags and coolers are used to make sure your items stay at the correct temperature while in transit from the store to the Customer.
    • To make sure food is properly picked and maintained at all stages of the shopping process, Helpers must learn to look for the freshest possible items and pay special attention to expiration dates, broken seals, and the quality of fresh produce.
  • Some of the third-party retailers that Helpers will shop from may have put item purchase limits in place for certain products in their stores. Attempting to add more than the purchase limit for these items will not be acceptable at the select stores, and those limits will need to be reported by the Helper to the Customer during the order process to allow for the appropriate Customer-requested changes to the order.

  • All Brikmo Customers have the ability to provide specific drop-off instructions to their Helpers. Due to the current pandemic and the demand for non-contact deliveries, safe drop-offs are strongly encouraged, and as a standard procedure Brikmo requires all drop-offs to be confirmed via photo submission. If the Customer has requested that items are left at the door, then a photo image of the items at the door are to be submitted to the Customer to complete the order. If the Customer prefers to receive the order directly, the Helper is required to submit a photo image of the direct drop-off as well; the hand off of the items at the door. The Customer can leave additional instructions for the Helper and receive a photo confirmation from the Helper once the groceries have been delivered.
  • The rating system is very important in keeping a safe and reliable Customer-to-Helper community on the Brikmo platform. Ratings provide further confidence in selecting Users and assists Customers in gauging the potential successfulness of the Helper that is being considered for the order. When rating either the Customer or the Helper, the User is required to base their rating following their current order. Rating is determined by providing the User between 1 to 5 stars; 5 being the highest rating, 1 being the lowest rating. In addition, rating tags or “chips” highlight the User’s strongest attributes following the order. The more honest the rating, the better quality the community.
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