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How Brikmo Works

Create a Pickup/Shopping Order.

Choose from either a Pickup or Shopping order, and list the item or items you need right away. You can include item details to ensure the right items are selected.

Hire a Helper.

Select one of the Helpers that have applied to deliver your order. Determine the right Helper based on Delivery Pricing, Helper Rating, Vehicle Size, Helper Lift Capacity, and other criteria. Once selected, your order will commence!

Become a Helper, download the app:
Receive & Rate Your Delivery.

Once items are purchased, your receipt is shown to you. When the items are delivered, your payment will be submitted to your Helper. And finally, both you and your Helper will rate each other to encourage a positive user community.

Safety first during COVID-19.

With coronavirus having a large impact on our society, both socially and economically, Brikmo has taken the conscious steps to ensure our users' safety and health is our top priority. With a high demand for same-day deliveries, Brikmo is implementing policies that support productivity for both our Customers and our Helpers, as well as maintaining safe conditions by following CDC guidelines. For more details, click here.

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