Brikmo Promotions offers its Customers/Helpers opportunities to earn more. These promotions are limited, and may change over time. Some promotions being offered now include:

  1. Helpers: Refer a new user to Brikmo and fee deductions will be half-off the original 15% fee, providing the Helper more earning power. The 7% fee will remain active for 30 days from the day of your referred user’s first order, either as a Customer or Helper. 7% fee Activation will only be allowed to extend a total of 6 months maximum, and can be renewed for additional months via more referrals at the end of the 6-month term.
  2. Customers: Refer a new user to Brikmo and get the opportunity to win cash rewards once the Brikmo user community reaches certain milestones. Once the community user count reaches a specific count of users, Brikmo will randomly select a winner that has referred new users to the app. Every new referral is a new entry for the reward, giving the user more chances to win. Reward announcement and instructions will be provided to the winner via email. The milestones and associated rewards are found below:
  • 100 users - $200
  • 1,000 users - $500
  • 10,000 users - $1,000
  • 100,000 users - $10,000
  • 1 million users - $100,000

Please Note: Brikmo Promotions are subject to change at anytime. Announcements regarding the new promotions will be made once changes are made.

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