Getting Good Reviews

At Brikmo, our goal is to make same-day deliveries from local retailers easy and community-focused. To achieve this, it’s important that we ensure a user-experience that includes a safety-first perspective, happy Customers, and well-compensated Helpers.


Safety is our first priority. Every individual should feel comfortable, safe, and secure using Brikmo’s app. We do not permit any activity that could create unsafe conditions or cause harm to others.


We create a community which operates by “You’re only as good as your previous orders”, and we stand by that model. The rating system on Brikmo is key in keeping users reliable and respectable to each other. The higher your reviews, the more income potential for Helpers, and the more same-day deliveries for Customers.


Time is the core component in the idea of “same-day delivery”. With that being the case, it is very important that both the Customer and the Helper are timely with their communication with each other, and the Helper operates at a professional pace when performing a delivery. The quicker, and smoother the experience is without issues, higher ratings are guaranteed.

Focus on Success:

As a Brikmo user, if these central points listed above are followed, your success on the Brikmo app is certain. As those who follow the guidelines above begin to receive their expected high ratings and reviews, Brikmo will highlight select highly-rated individuals on our platform, and those users will receive rewards and special perks for setting a great example for the Brikmo community to follow.

Ways to help Brikmo:

Your feedback matters, so tell us about your experiences. You can provide suggestions, contact support at and/or submit issues directly in the app by selecting "Support" on the user menu.


Brikmo reviews all reported violations of the Brikmo User Guidelines and reserves the right to permanently remove account access for Helpers or Customers found to be in violation.*

*In some instances, a thorough investigation may be needed, during which time the associated account(s) will be suspended pending the outcome.

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