Customers: How To Create An Order

Brikmo allows all Customers on the app to request pickup services or products from retailers and have them delivered right to your door. Here’s how to create an order.

Steps to place an order:

  1. Whether requesting Pickup or Shopping deliveries, you will need to add your pickup and/or delivery location.
  2. Next, add your item to the Order List screen. For higher order success rates, it is important to verify whether the items being requested are available at any select local store prior to your order being created. This makes the Helper delivering your item more efficient, and reduces the chances of confusion throughout the order process.
  3. When adding your new item, you will need to input the item name and quantity. For Pickup orders, you will need to input the Confirmation Name/ID. To include additional details, scroll the form screen up to input specific item details, such as; what product brand are you requesting? What store will it need to be purchased from? What size is being requested, if applicable? This also increases your order success rate.
  4. Once all items are added to the Order List, select the “Confirm Order” button.
  5. You will receive all local Helper requests shortly after your order is confirmed. All requests are provided with proposed delivery fees. Once your Helper is selected, your order will commence.

Item availability and terms are subject to change without notice, and are entirely dependent on third-party retailer in-store requirements/terms. Alcohol is not available at all retailers and markets, and we cannot guarantee alcohol delivery for your order.

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