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Brikmo Is Essential

Brikmo is your local delivery app. Our goal is to serve all communities by delivering what is needed. We aim to bring the essentials, better yet, anything from your local retail chains and brick & mortar shops (get it? Brikmo) quickly and directly to your front door, and do it in a way that not only benefits the Customer, but also the Helper delivering the items. With list-your-own-price for Helpers, we create an open market where the platform does not dictate delivery prices. With safe deliveries, both the Customer and the Helper are engaging in a manner that is most risk-averse in this current pandemic environment. At Brikmo, we intrinsically want to provide the various items people need everyday, and all within the same day.

Our Story

The idea of Brikmo was first conceived on October 2018 by Sebastien Presume as a way for people to receive local commercial products efficiently and affordably. The idea sat on the shelf until it was founded in May 5, 2020 amid the socio-economically devastating coronavirus epidemic. The need for the app grew more relevant than ever. Sebastien, a then engineering consultant and serial entrepreneur, having cofounded tech company Akilah Wearable Tech, and founding social experience startup, WTM.Events, along with other small businesses - took Brikmo off the shelf and brought in his tech development team to build the Brikmo app. Seeing the growing need for on-demand delivery platforms in the merchant/retail space, Sebastien quickly cultivated the Brikmo community in his birth state, New York. Realizing immediately the need for essentials being delivered to people's homes greatly expanded beyond the Big Apple, the Brikmo team has been actively growing to allow the platform to serve the millions in need in these unstable times, as well as serve many more in a brighter future.

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