Helpers: How To Complete An Order

How to complete an order:

We make it easy to earn while helping others in your area by providing same-day delivery right to their doors.

Steps to complete an order:

  1. When signed in and online, local order requests will show up on your screen. If no orders populate your screen at your time of use, it is most likely that your area is fairly new to the Brikmo platform and may not have enough users yet. Recommending friends and family to use the app, will not only be beneficial to the Brikmo community, there are direct benefits for our users as well. For more information on Brikmo’s current promotions, click here. If you plan to invite friends onto the Brikmo app, select the “Send Invites” button and begin sharing your invites for the opportunity to earn great rewards. You are given the option to select whether you’d like to complete a Pickup or Shopping delivery. Please note: For shopping deliveries, the Helper is required to provide an Expense Budget. Items for Shopping orders will be purchased by Helpers before delivery, and will be instantly reimbursed once the delivery is successfully complete. See Expense Budgets for more info.
  2. If you see a list of local order requests on your screen, review all those that interest you. IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you select the order that you are most confident you can complete. If you have some doubts regarding an order, it is better to select another order rather than risk affecting your Helper rating negatively, which will impact your chances of being hired in the future. Once you’ve selected the job you can successfully complete, provide a competitive delivery fee for the Customer’s approval. IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended you present the fairest delivery fee for the select order. The Brikmo app is based on open-market competitive pricing, and it is left to the Helper to present their best pricing for their services. It is also left to the Customer to accept the offer based on their assessment of the pricing, Helper rating, and other criteria.
  3. Once hired, you will be on the clock to complete the order listed on the Order screen.
  4. As you pick each item up, you are required to confirm that each item is found and quantity is also confirmed. Every item you update will also update on the Customer’s screen, allowing the Customer to accurately track their order. If you come across an item that is not able to be provided per the Customer's request, it is best to communicate with the Customer via chat, so that the Customer can edit the list as needed.
  5. Once all items have been selected, bring items to the register for payment (using the Helper’s Expense Budget). Once paid, the purchase receipt will be shared with the Customer for order confirmation. If there are issues, the Customer will contact you for immediate resolution.
  6. If there are no issues with the order, you will be cleared for delivery of the order.
  7. Once the order is delivered to its destination, and if drop-off requirements are fulfilled, the Customer will review the delivery for order completion confirmation.
  8. Once the order is complete, you will be prompted to rate your Customer.
  9. After rating is complete, you will be sent back to select your next order to continue your earning streak!
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