Brikmo fee(s) are costs applied to all user orders that help support the business and platform and covers a broad range of operating costs including insurance, background checks, and customer support.

Fees vary based on market and are calculated based on certain order specifications or in-app scenarios. As a reference, you’ll be able to view the Brikmo fees while using the app. Please review the fee details below for more information regarding costs of using the Brikmo app,

FOR CUSTOMERS: Brikmo guarantees a minimum delivery payment of $5 for each Delivery Opportunity. The surcharge and fees based on item adjustments after order confirmation are found below:

  • A third-party payment processing fee of approximately 2.9% + $0.30 of the payment transaction is included and will be tallied under "Taxes and fees" in the Status page of your order.
  • Optional fee: $0.25 will be applied per any approved additional item/s following the commencement or confirmation of an order (once a Helper has been hired and order commences). This charge will be tallied under “Taxes and fees” in the Status page of your order.
  • Optional fee: $1.00 will be applied per any item/s beyond a total of 50 items on the customer order list. This charge will be tallied under “Taxes and fees” in the Status page of your order.

FOR HELPERS: An Expense Budget is required in order for the Helper to complete a purchase delivery order. The Expense Budget is predicated by the Helper to show to the customer the amount the Helper will be able to spend to expense a purchase before delivery. Once delivered, the expense will immediately be reimbursed to the Helper. This criteria is considered by the customer to determine whether the Helper can expense the order being requested. For more information on Expense Budgets, learn more here.

  • A Brikmo Helper App Service fee of 15% is allocated from each delivery payment, surcharges and fees. 100% of tax fees will be received by Brikmo. No deductions are taken from tips earned by the Helper. This fee percentage is subject to future promotions, thus reducing the fee amount. Learn more here.

    Payments are deposited directly into the account indicated by Helper on a weekly basis by our third-party payment processor, Stripe. Undeposited payments accumulated will be displayed on the App Dashboard, and funds can be withdrawn and deposited sooner and directly within 2-3 days for a fee of $3.00 per deposit.

  • An Alcohol Return Fee of $5.00 is applied when an alcohol delivery is made, and the Customer is not available to confirm legal acceptance of the item. Without legal Customer verification at drop-off, the alcohol-product must be delivered back to the retailer by the Helper and returned for a refund. This will incur a $5.00 fee paid to the Helper for the additional work.

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